ETIQA is the Group Health Provider of MMI.

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There is no expiration for Anti-Piracy Training and that is for new-comers.

Your license and COP is valid for 5 years but it must be at least 12 months valid before joining the vessel.

If your documents are for renewal, you may visit https://stcw.marina.gov.ph/, to check on the documentary requirements; https://online-appointment.marina.gov.ph/ for the appointment and processing.

Seaman’s Book must be at least 12 months valid before joining the vessel

Seafarer’s Identity Document (SID) is a piece of card signifying that the bearer is a true blue seafarer.


Benefits of SID:

The holder of SID enjoys the following benefits from its member states:

  • Guaranteed the rights of seafarers to transit, shore leave, and crew change in a country.
  • Proves the bearer is a “legitimate seafarer” and is entitled to his full rights.


You may visit https://sidsrb.marina.gov.ph/ for the complete information.

Passport must be at least 18 months valid before joining the vessel. This is to ensure that your passport will be in compliance to the ports that are requiring at least 6 months valid during call of ports.

*How to create a MISMO account?

Kindly follow these official step by step guide from MARINA .

If you have questions that is not answered in this section, kindly send us an e-mail at: mmi-mmi@meiji-group.com