MMI Services


Our Accounting Department sees to it that allotments / remittances of our seafarers are timely deposited to their allottees account. In addition, we guarantee 100% compliance with regards to government and union dues to ensure that our seafarers and their dependents can avail their benefits with no problem at all.


All Applicants are subject to series of screening procedures to ensure their competency and qualifications prior endorsing to the Crewing Department. Qualified applicants are also being assessed by our technical personnel (both deck and engine) before endorsing them to our principals for approval.

Our Recruitment Department also conducts background checking from the applicant's previous manning company.


Our Operations Department meticulously screens applicants endorsed by the Recruitment Department to ensure that the seafarers are equipped with the required training requirements set by the STCW, Principals and other international organizations and Port State Control.

Also, our Operations Department religiously monitors the status of its seafarers by maintaining a detailed Crew Change Plan to ensure that crew changes are carried-out as scheduled.

Aside from monitoring crew changes/crew line-ups, our Crewing Department, likewise, provides Career Pathing Program for its pool of seafarers through its Promotion Systems. As such, MMI has produced sufficient pool of Junior and Senior Officers for its international vessels.

Our Operations Department ensures that all joining crew are properly documented and certificated prior joining the vessel. They strictly monitor all flag state requirements and ensure that our seafarers’ licenses and certificates are updated and valid that even in a short notice, they can join the vessel anytime.

Aside from recruiting and deploying seafarers, MMI also look into the other needs of its seafarers. As such, MMI provides various types of crew morale programs for its seafarers and its dependents.

MMI assists its seafarers the best way the can whether with regards to their seafaring career or family matters.

For one, MMI has constructed two (2) Seafarers’ Home exclusive for its seafarers.

Our seafarers who are attending to in-house training and upgrading courses, processing/renewing documents or licenses, waiting for their flight schedule, etc. can stay at the Seafarers’ Home for FREE!

Seafarers’ wives are also regarded as part of the organization. Thus, the creation of the Seafarers’ Wives Association (SWA).

All wives of our seafarers are automatically part of the SWA.

Like their husbands, seafarers’ wives were also given series of seminars/trainings geared towards their self-improvement or add additional knowledge which will be beneficial to them and to their families.

They are also included in the company’s various activities such as environmental campaign, Christmas party, among others.